The Cayman Islands is an island nation dependent on its port in George Town harbour. For daily life to continue uninterrupted, the people and businesses of Cayman rely on the port to receive goods such as food, fuel, medicine, cars, and equipment for schools, hospitals and businesses.

The port enhancement project is not only about securing the cruise industry, but is also about providing the country with a modern and efficient cargo port that is capable of competently handling current and future volumes of imported goods. 

The new port will see a much needed increase of about 30% in usable working area for the cargo port that will make it available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This makes Cayman’s current situation significantly more efficient, as currently large sections of the cargo yard have to be cleared every night to allow for buses for the cruise tours. 

The addition of a longer and wider pier makes it possible for the Cayman Islands Port Authority to upgrade its cargo handling equipment to serve larger cargo vessels more efficiently. The new design also makes it possible to handle more than the two ships simultaneously, an amount the port is presently limited to.

Throughout the project and following its completion, control of the port remains with the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands, including all aspects of cargo.