The Cayman Islands Government has prioritised the upgrade of vital tourism infrastructure, including the cruise berthing and cargo port in George Town Harbour.

Cruise visitors are vital to Cayman Islands tourism revenue. Each year, Cayman sees 1.8 million cruise guests visit its shores. These guests make up 80% of Cayman’s tourism guests.

Evidence shows that cruise passengers greatly prefer the convenience of docking at a pier. Berthing facilities allow passengers to walk on and off a ship rather than waiting for tender boats to ferry them back and forth. Across the Caribbean, all of the Cayman Islands’ competitors have constructed piers to reflect the needs of cruise passengers to give them a better destination experience. 

To accompany the proposed cruise berthing facility, the government is focusing on a wider revitalisation project for George Town. This plan will not only facilitate a seamless experience for cruise guests but will also greatly improve the town for those who live and work there by improving traffic management, creating a space where people will want to shop, eat and socialise, and bring more commercial opportunities to businesses in the area. 

The project will also provide a much-needed upgraded cargo facility. Read more here about the proposed improvements to the cargo port.